Joshua Singleton

Promising Candidate

"I thrive on finding creative solutions to complex problems"


I am a highly motivated self-starter with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Chemistry. I am open to full-time roles where I can grow and leverage my skill set to drive outstanding results for your organization.

The American Heart Association Research Project


The objective of this project was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of hypertension disparities among individuals in Dallas, Texas. This analysis would aid in the implementation of a local program centered on fighting hypertension.

Hypertension Hotspots

  • The data showed the three zip codes with the highest number of hypertension blood pressure readings (75287, 75238, and 75288) would greatly benefit from the implementation of the program.


  • We analyzed a subset of 2,837 enrollees from the American Heart Association's national database of over 100,000 participants. The participants were 54% Male and 46% Female.
  • The data set was analyzed based on age, zip code, ethnicity, number of blood pressure readings, and classification of blood pressure numbers.


The analysis provided much-needed insight on where to place the program to help benefit the Dallas County participants in need of hypertension control.

Skills & Proficiencies


Data Anaylsis

Adaptiblity and Learning Agility

Research and Problem-solving

Written, Verbal, and Visual Communication Skills

Professional Profile

Business Analyst

The American Heart Association

This experience enabled me to learn and apply some key data skills that helped me build a strong foundation in data analysis. Being able to work 1-on-1 with a data science expert was invaluable.

Research Analyst

Prairie View A&M University

My three years of experience as a research analyst have equipped me with the tools to provide valuable insights and contribute significantly to the success of any organization. During my tenure, I have excelled in various research projects and demonstrated strong leadership abilities.


Jay's Fitness and Wellness Solutions

Managing a business has been a valuable experience that has taught me essential skills in problem-solving and delivering results for the organization. By overseeing and managing various aspects of a business, I have honed my problem-solving abilities. Identifying challenges, analyzing root causes, and implementing effective solutions have become second nature to me


Prairie View A&M University, Bachelors of Science; 3.7 GPA

Selected Coursework

  • Business Analysis
  • Fundamental of MIS with SAP
  • Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Analysis

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